Divine Relations

Divine Relations is a platform developed to help patients with critical diseases/ survivors get connected to the people who also suffered from some kind of critical disease but have a vision and enthusiasm of living better life and looking for a life partner. This platform is developed by an NGO Mickey- Amogh Foundation, Mumbai and is free to all the needy people.


Health Care Education for Women

In our almost one on one interactions with hundreds of young girls & women across the country, we have come across a huge unmet need for easily accessible information center, which covers a wide range of frequently asked or self-experienced – health related problems which women face during their lifetime. With these outcomes; our team at Mickey - Amogh foundation has thought of conceptualizing, creating & executing our ambitious project to bring information at the fingertips for each and every women in our country with the help of an exclusive informative website with a strategy such that it reaches out to millions of women.


Education to Underprivileged

Ensuring the well being and future success of faster youth, Mickey-Amogh Foundation provides education to underprivileged.